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All About Cartridge Stock - The Empty Ink Cartridge Dealers

Se sell empty printer ink cartridges and we've been refilling and selling them ourselves for years. You might say we know the ink cartridge remanufacturing industry inside out.

All cartridge orders are dispatched directly from our UK warehouse and the vast majority of the ink cartridges we stock are electronically tested - you can even see from our stock list which ink cartridges we do and don't test.

The only ones we can't test are cartridges for particularly old and discontinued printers as we simply don't have the required equipment - however, if our equipment is capable of testing a cartridge, we test it before we even consider selling it.

We know just how annoying it can be to refill an empty ink cartridge only to find it doesn't work anymore - so we do our best to only ever sell quality products at great prices, with fast delivery and courteous service.

Our primary testing machines are CBR Engineering's ShopTester 200s like the one pictured below - this testing process clearly indicates when a cartridge has electrically failed.

CBR Shop Tester 200


















CartridgeStock is part of the Abitech Systems Ltd group of companies.